In Noord zijn ze nog blij met toeristen

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Auteur: NRC – journalist Mirjam Remie
Jaar: 26 juni 2015

Van Slow Toerisme naar Bewust-willen-leven-toerisme: Column Roos Gerritsma

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Platform: Tracey Metz & Stadsleven – live talkshow en webmagazine over leven in steden
Jaar: 2014

Next level toerisme concepten door onderwijs & onderzoek

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Auteur: onafhankelijk journalist Marlies Pilon
Datum: april 2019

The Inclusive Design Toolbox

We know from our own long-term interest in inclusive leisure & tourism that, despite the best intentions, places and products are often not inclusive by nature but that we need to consciously design them to be so. We also know that places that are designed based on the real human needs of a broad group of people can be incredibly vibrant and attractive and can help build a sense of safety, trust and belonging within cities. We’d like to both share our insights with young creative professionals and keep on learning together with them.

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Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab zet zijn tanden in grote vraagstukken

Auteurs: Hans Ariens en Hogeschool Inholland

Gepubliceerd in: Recreatie & Toerisme – Magazine voor professionals in de gastvrijheidssector

Maart/april 2019 – Editie 01- jaargang