Start: 2017

Contact: Jacques Vork, Roos Gerritsma

Partners: de Ceuvel, Leicester Castle Business School De Montfort University

Project members: Els Reijnen (till mid 2018), master students Leister Business School


Inholland has been developing events in Amsterdam Noord for several years, with the aim of increasing cooperation and interaction in the neighborhood. With the help of a Social Return on Investment (SROI) tool we want to map the social return of events in the neighborhood.

Based on the theoretical exploration and the previously developed toolboxes for NGOs, we have created a first prototype of a Guide & Toolkit: ‘Measuring the impact of urban social events’.

The Guide contains the findings from the theoretical exploration of placemaking, inclusiveness, sustainability and events.


The toolkit follows the five main steps of the SROI method:

  1. Objective
  2. Stakeholders analysis
  3. Measuring the results - preparation
  4. Verifying and valuing the impact
  5. Monitor and report


Students of the Leister Castle Business School are currently testing this toolkit.  We expect their feedback in early September and we will process this in the toolbox.

An initial inventory among stakeholders in Amsterdam Noord shows that there is a lot of interest in this toolbox. Both from the event organizers and from the municipality. In consultation with them and with the help of students, we will plan and execute follow-up research.