Miranda Kamp


FairBnB offers an online booking platform for accommodation. What sets them apart from their competition is that they stand for collective ownership, democratic governance, social sustainability and transparency. FairBnB wants to offer; a community-centred alternative that prioritizes people over profit and facilitates authentic, sustainable and intimate travel experiences. We are creating an online platform that allows hosts and guests to connect for meaningful travel and cultural exchange, while minimizing the cost to communities”.

But how can you offer an authentic, sustainable and intimate experience? What role can the FairBnB’s hosts play to ensure that a neighbourhood like Amsterdam Noord sees the benefit of having tourists in the area?

The Urban Leisure and Tourism Lab will conduct a research that will lead to a set of guidelines that will stimulate hosts to offer an authentic, sustainable, intimate and local experience, that will have a positive impact on the neighbourhood of Amsterdam Noord.

To come to these guidelines local experts that know the neighbourhood and its inhabitants will be interviewed. Furthermore, in-depth interviews will be conducted with tourism experts. Workshops will be organised at the Student Conference Sustainable Tourism in Diemen and at the Responsible Travel minor in Haarlem, at which fourth year students can provide input. In addition, a dialog with local inhabitants and entrepreneurs will be organised regarding tourism in Amsterdam Noord and the role that FairBnB.