Start: 2018
Contact: Kathleen Umbdenstock, Roos Gerritsma
Partners: Amsterdam Marketing

IJ-Amaze is aimed at creating a platform for meetings between visitors and the local people of Amsterdam-Noord. IJ-Amaze is an inclusive and sustainable tourist product in which co-creation, authenticity and meaningful contact plays a major role. The product is being created and fully cared for by residents of Amsterdam-Noord. Four themes (culture, active, social or creative) are the guiding principle for the residents to tell their ‘Noorderlingen’ stories about how it was, how it is, and how it will be in the future with Amsterdam-Noord and it’s inhabitants. Visitors who use IJ-amaze are matched with a program appropriate to their interest.

A student project group of the Inholland University of Applied Sciences developed an initial concept for the IJ-Amaze project in a design assignment. Given the potential of the project, the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab of the Inholland University, which focuses on the creation of inclusive and sustainable meeting places in Amsterdam-Noord, decided to do more research into the extent to which there is a need for ownership among residents of Noord, regarding the tourist developments in their neighborhood. This will be done by actual testing the prototype of IJ-amaze. The research and testing will be carried out as a bachelor thesis.
The project fits into the goal of spreading the tourist stream.