What is the impact of the coronacrisis on tourism and which lessons can we learn?

The coronavirus has a tremendous impact on the tourism and cultural sector worldwide. For the first time in forever, the streets of Amsterdam can be found empty. No more complaints about Airbnb taking over neighbourhoods or the constant crackle of suitcase wheels on the pavement. Hotels, museums and tourism companies however face a difficult future ahead. In this Livecast we focus on the impact of the crisis on the tourism and cultural sector. What can be learned from this and how can we use this time to rethink the sector? We will also zoom in on the current possibilities for innovation and digitalization of the cultural sector.

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Over de sprekers:

Ko Koens ha s a phD in Responsible Tourism and is currently a Professor of New Urban Tourism at InHolland University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. His current research focuses on sustainable urban tourism, small businesses and local economic development.

Rudolf Buurma is managing director of Stichting Bezoek Amsterdam. This is a platform for organisations and institutions within the visitor sector.

Claudio Milano is an Italian social anthropologist with a background in economics. He works as a researcher and lecturer at the Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality in Barcelona. He is one of the writers of the book Overtourism: Excesses, Discontents and Measures in Travel and Tourism.

Maaike Verberk is director at the DEN institute for culture and digitalisation. Within her work she aims to enable culture and heritage organizations to benefit from digitalization practices and share best practices with each other. Moreover, she is also a member of the Digital Culture Heritage and Europeana Expertgroup of the European Union.

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