Inholland Sustainable Tourism Student Congress 2018

Inholland Tourism Management in cooperation with Wageningen University Cordially invite you to the
Inholland Sustainable Tourism Student congress 2018
October 2nd, 2018
Welcome 9:30; Opening 10:00
Inholland Diemen, Wildenborch 6, 1112 XB Diemen, Reinier Paping Patio (Ground floor)

Daniel Nunes Goncalves

Daniel Nunes Goncalves - Brazilian travel journalist of the Brazilian Newspaper O Estado de São visites, guided by Roos Gerritsma, Amsterdam Noord and the UL&T-lab

Nieuwsgierig naar het artikel van Daniel Nunes waarvoor Roos Gerritsma geïnterviewd is? Zie:,a-europa-reage-contra-o-overturismo,70002517108

Students Art & Architecture

Summer university studenten Art & Architecture off the University of Amsterdam attend the UL&T Northern Trail, guided by Roos Gerritsma

Students from the University of Amsterdam Summer university 

Students from the University of Amsterdam Summer university The Everyday City and Beyond attend the UL&T Northern Trail, guided by Theo Broersen

The busy problems Amsterdam

Students from the Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies (CADES) of the Faculty of Social Science of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven have studied the busy problems in Amsterdam for 7 months. In doing so, they used research and the network of the Research Group Creative Business. Jacques Vork was present at their final presentation on 27 March 2018.

Curious about the results? Look at:

In the bibliography included:Gerritsma, R., & Vork, J. (2017). Amsterdam residents and their attitude towards tourists and tourismPhilosophy, Communication, 25, 85-98.

Workshop Re-inclusion

Workshop in the UL&T-lab on Re inclusion in the social sector with students from the Arts & Festivals Management from De Montfort University, Leicester