Philippa Collin

Philippa Collin works as a researcher and senior lecturer in intercultural communication at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences, as well as a freelance urban anthropologist.Her interests cover questions related to urban development and conviviality such as hybrid places, social cohesion, meaningful encounters, migration, systemic exclusion, gentrification, public space and cultural entrepreneurship.Her 2016 anthropological research project entitled ‘The Intimacy of Exclusion’ explored the embodied nature of intangible & symbolic social exclusion and provided pragmatic insights for creative professionals aiming for inclusion in the cultural sector.As a freelance anthropologist, she supports both educational and civic organisations aiming to become more inclusive, through holistic change in their institutional culture.As a lecturer, she maintains a vibrant international network of colleagues with common interests throughout the Euro-Mediterranean area.  

drs.Philippa Collin MSC 621115323Monday – Thursday