Roos Gerritsma

Associate Lector

Roos Gerritsma is an urban sociologist and is one of the founding members of the ULT-lab in 2015. As associate professor she is responsible for the research agenda and its realization by collaborating as a learning network with local and (inter)national networks, experts, students and colleagues.  Roos has been working at Inholland University since 2000 and has always combined educational programs with (inter)national research projects within cities. Her focus areas are: tourism, leisure, host & guest relationships, placemaking, inclusive and sustainable design thinking, holistic leisure lifestyles and practices like yoga and mindfulness – she has published and presented about all these topics.

Roos is involved in all projects. She fine tunes the work in progress with the responsible research colleagues and/or students.

drs. Roos Gerritsma

roos.gerritsma@inholland.nl0640091178Werkdagen ma, di, do en vrij-ochtend