Amsterdam has become a very popular urban tourism destination during the last two decades.
The city is confronted with record breaking numbers of visitors and a sense of overcrowdedness is growing amongst many different stakeholders.
Within the lab we are carrying out several researches with leisure/tourism students and lecturers and focus on:
  1. Residents attitudes towards tourists and tourism
  2. Developing hyper local and small scale solutions
  3. Tourism entrepreneurship
Ad1. Through longitudinal research, we are able to compare research data from 1998 onwards on residents of Amsterdam and their attitudes. Research has been carried out in different parts of the city. 
You can find an overview article about this topic under Publications.
Ad 2. By creating ‘meaningful encounters’ between locals and visitors, we aim to create hyper local value. Since the academic year of  2015/2016 about 25 concepts were created. 
So far we presented pretested prototypes to Amsterdam Marketing and the Task Force City in Balance of the municipality. 
Another way of creating local value is aimed for through our field partner Fairbnb. Miranda Kamp is working on co-designing a code of conduct for Fairbnb hosts.
Ad 3. The IJ-Amaze case (see below) is however going on step further.  
One of our other lab team members, Manon Joosten, is researching this next phase: how can we go from prototype to reality? She is interviewing different (tourism) entrepreneurs.